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Months of the Year

This is a sketch of how I see the months of the year. It has been with me and the same all my life. The months are fixed in these positions. Yet I don't travel around the oval as the year evolves. Rather, I see the year (and its months) as a land separate from me with which I interface when e.g. someone asks me the date. Perhaps this is why I have never been very good at knowing what time it is or what the date is or for that matter what month I am "in" at any given moment.

The truth is, I am never "in" any month at all. Rather, I have to look up and think about it first to see "where" I am in time. Once the map appears, I can situate myself inside that space or project myself onto that location on the map or the month of the moment. Perhaps November is dominant because that is when my birthday is.

Unlike the months, which are fixed on an oval, I see years in a column of rectangles with the higher numbers near the top: so if I were to picture the twentieth century, for instance, the year 1999 and the rectangular decade of which it is a part would be at the top while 1901 and its decade would be in the rectangle at the bottom.

For more details on how I see units of time, please visit my synesthesia section.

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