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Pictures from the Cave . . . A Mobius Strip

May 14, 2006 - Back to Journal


I was once sent to a researcher in light therapy because I had a sudden depression no one could explain. My doctor was trying to determine if light therapy would help. He attached a computer to my wrist which I wore for 3 days and 3 nights. It measured my Circadian rhythms. After reviewing the results, he concluded that light would do me no good.

"The problem," he explained, "is that you have the Circadian clock of a cavewoman."

Not knowing if this was good or bad, I naturally asked him to explain. He told me that I have a 26.5 hour day and that aside from that, I am impervious to my environment. So, tonight I had a revelation: if synesthesia stems from the oldest part of the brain, doesn't it make sense that it would show up in the mind of a cavewoman? Further, if it is also true that in evolutionary terms, synesthetes represent the future, doesn't that make sense too, since time is circular?

He was wrong about light, by the way. As it turned out, I used reflected light to cure my depression. I discovered that by looking at reflections, I could travel out of my feelings. Of course, I didn't realize that I wasn't actually going anywhere. Nor could I see that my emotional life was the underside of a Mobius Strip I'd managed to flip over, by viewing the world upside down. From that angle, I could spot the necessary shapes into which I poured my inchoate feelings. And by the time I developed the pictures, the emotional shapes had gelled.